Slide About Us

EASY AS ABC understands the demands placed on business owners and managers to maintain compliance and protect their employees, customers, and property. These demands can also be tedious. Our goal at ABC is to offer a tailored program for each customer’s unique challenges. As a full-service fire protection company, EASY AS ABC can address all your fire protection needs.


Life amongst everything else is most important. EASY AS ABC function is to aid and assist in the preservation and safety of that life through it’s day to day activities. While we as a company may have recently come into being/incorporated we took care to gather within the company personnel with years of fire safety experience. In fact at this point in time, over 50 years accumulatively for senior staff.


We are committed to being the premier fire protection service provider and preferred employer in the fire protection industry by operating under the following core principals.

  • Put our customer first, no exceptions.
  • Build lasting relationships with our customers and each other.
  • Work in an open, honest, constructive, and safe manner.
  • Demand excellence from ourselves and support others in delivering superior service.
  • Make intelligent decisions quickly Act like an owner